Décembre, 2019

Sa14dec19 h 00 min19 h 00 minED HUNTERS à HUY à partir du 2019-12-1419 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min atelier rock à HuyConcert:MusiqueVille:HUYGenre:Rock


Nouvelle annonce pour ED HUNTERS

ED HUNTERS sera à atelier rock à Huy (HUY) le 2019-12-14

ED HUNTERS 2019-12-14 au   2019-12-14 à atelier rock à Huy / HUY

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Ed Hunters was founded back in 2005 by Jeff Buchette(Guitar), Andy Wildschütz (Guitar), Änder Millim (Drums), Raoul Briesch (Bass) and Dimitri Ambrosius (Vocals). They had some gigs in this line up but soon Änder, Raoul and Dimitri left the band. 
Jeff and Andy were looking for new musicians. From now on the band had a lot of line up changes until we finally had a matching line up with Raphael Gambuto (Drums), Vincent Niclou (Bass) and Terry Krier (Vocals).
In 2015 the band had their final performance for their 10 anniversary in this line up and things got complicated. Jeff joined Moonchild, an Iron Maiden Tribute band from Belgium and so the band was on hold until 2018.
Now Ed Hunters are back as European Iron Maiden Tribute Band!
Vocals: Nelson Maia (Portugal)
Guitar: Jeff Buchette (Luxembourg)
Guitar: Andre Mertens (Germany)
Bass: Stéph Savage (France)
Drums: Rod Sovilla (France)
Keyboard: Fab Sauvage (France)

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